The ideal”painters marketing Strategy” should include these next components

1.) Finding All the Painting Clients You Can Handle. If you understand how to do so you got it made and you are able to make as much money as you want. If it’s the small, 1 to 2-man painting operation or a painting business which has a massive painting crew, you can make it happen once you understand how to find customers.

2.) Understanding how To Estimate Paint Jobs - for maximum profits, this is actually the next power stroke which needs to be in a professional advertising strategy. When you know how to get as near the”threshold of pain” because you can get, (the maximum you can charge someone before price resistance kicks in) whether residential or commercial, you can MAX your own profits.

3.) Customer Retention - just how much is a painting client worth to you? When you realize that, you may really do whatever is necessary to hang on to them. Finding new customers is not necessarily as simple as painting to the present ones.

4.) Go the Extra Mile - consistently do a fantastic job and also do a bit more to please your clients. This makes you more repeat business and has them talking about your painting service. And Magnovo -of-mouth” advertising also kicks in, which is the ideal type of advertising there is!

5.) Thank You Cards - sending out thank you cards once each work completed”shows professionalism” and creates additional business for us home painters. Plus they see your contact info again and will place it on file for future use.

6.) Customer Rewards - reward your loyal painting clients who give you a great deal of repeat business and especially those who refer you to others.

7.) A Painting Business Newsletter - All these are considered the best method to stay connected to your customers. E-mail newsletters would be the simplest to send out. Physical mail newsletters get better answer than electronic ones. The idea is to”stay connected” rather than allow a client lose your contact information.
8.) Word-of-mouth - again, this is by far the best type of advertising. Do everything you can to get your customers buzzing about your painting business (in a fantastic way of course) and recommending you to fresh painting clients. Here is the number one thing a painting company operator should integrate in their painters advertising plan. It’s like having a Tiny private army of affiliates promoting your goods for you